Make Leash Training Your Puppy Easier With These Tips
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Make Leash Training Your Puppy Easier With These Tips

Make Leash Training Your Puppy Easier With These Tips


Walking on a leash seems restraining to any dog. The dog is not able to move as fast and cannot go as far as it wants to. However, leashes are good because they ensure the dog’s safety when going out for a walk. For best results, start leash training when the dog is still a puppy. How do you train your puppy to use a leash properly? Here are some useful tips that will make the journey easier and simpler.

Find the Right Leash
You will need a leash and a collar. A nicely fitting collar will leave enough space to insert two fingers around the neck. As for the leash, you need to get one that matches the size of your puppy. For small puppies, a small nylon leash will work but for the bigger ones, you should consider getting leather leashes. As for the length, 6 feet is sufficient to give you control while giving the puppy enough space to move freely.

If your puppy likes to pull away, a harness may be the best solution. This will pull the dog back when it tries to pull away and this eventually teaches the dog not to pull away.

Show the Goodness of the Leash
Introduce the leash to the puppy before tying it. Allow them to play near it and use treats to encourage bonding with the leash. A nice game you can try is placing the leash on the ground and throwing treats to either side so the dog jumps over the leash to get the treats. Be sure to discourage biting the leash from the very start. Once the puppy gets used to the leash and feels safe near it, it is time to apply it. Hook the leash firmly to the metal buckle on the collar.

Gradual Practice
Once the puppy is used to the leash, it is time to start practicing. Start with short walks in the home’s compound so the puppy can get used to the leash. Train them how to obey verbal commands. Find simple terms you can use when you want the dog to start walking, stop and sit. Remember that dog training has lots of treats involved so be ready. Reward the pup and it will be eager to impress next time. Correct responses should earn the puppy treats. With time, reduce the number of treats and give them randomly so the dog will always be eager to do as you say.
After some time, take the puppy outside and practice there. It should learn how to pay attention even in the presence of other dogs and noise from people and cars. Proceed slowly from the home to the neighborhood to the park. Also remember to teach speed to the puppy. Start leash training with slow walks then brisk walking followed by jogging and finally running. Your dog should learn how to keep up with your speed to avoid unnecessary pulling. It is also important to teach the puppy to walk on one side consistently. To help them master this, start training on the side that you always want them on and encourage them to remain there with treats. 

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