Litter Box Training Issues That Are Easy To Correct
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Litter Box Training Issues That Are Easy To Correct

Litter Box Training Issues That Are Easy To Correct


When you get a new kitten or cat from the shelter, you might run into a few issues while they try to adjust to the new space that they are living in. They might find it difficult to not scratch up some of the furniture or even using the litter box. Luckily, one of these problems is a lot easier to fix than the other. There are a few reasons why your new cat is having a hard time using the litter box, so we will go through and figure out how to fix those problems together.

If your cat uses the litter box but refuses to eat their food:
The food and water bowl may be placed too close to the litter box. Cats will prefer to not use the restroom and eat in the same area, much like you. If you don’t have their food bowl close to their litter box and they are actually in different rooms altogether, try changing what food they are eating.

If they use the box but miss from time to time:
The litter box you use could be too small or too large. If you have a small cat, you will want to get a smaller litter box and size up as the cat grows. But if you have a large cat, you will probably want to get it in a big box to make it feel more secure when using it.

If they show interest in using the litter box but do their business beside it instead:
Again, the size of the litter box will matter. The box is either too high or too short for the cat that you currently have. The litter box could be too tall for a small cat and it will make them feel insecure about the jump up or down. If the litter box is too small, a large cat will refuse to use it because it doesn’t feel secure and think its litter and business will get everywhere.

How can you make sure that your pet feels comfortable using the litter box?

  • Let them know where to go by bringing them to the litter box every hour or so
  • When they have an accident, bring them to their litter box along with the paper towel you used to clean it up with.
  • If the litter box has a lid on it, take it off to see if that changes the behavior you are experiencing.

If you follow through all of these steps, one of them will work. It might seem hopeless sometimes when dealing with litter box issues, but it does get better with time. Just have some patience and let your pet know that you are working with it to make it feel better and more comfortable. If you stress, the pet will stress as well. Stay calm, and the pet will too. These litter box issues can be easily overcome with patience and practice.

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