Fun Tricks You Can Teach To Small Pets
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Fun Tricks You Can Teach To Small Pets

Fun Tricks You Can Teach To Small Pets


Small pets are known for being tiny treasures in many home spaces. Small pets can indeed add a lot of big fun to any home. Small pets fill a home with fun, love and a give everyone a sense of well-being. Small pets are a great addition to a household and they will become part of the family. A sample of adorable small pets include the following:

Guinea pigs – this cute little pet is loveable and fun. They can weigh as much as three pounds. Many people do not know that guinea pigs have a very fun nature. They can even be taught fun tricks much like you can teach a dog a trick

Hamsters – hamsters make wonderful little pets. They are very popular in many households and they are easy to care for. A hamster does have a shorter lifespan as compared some others. They can live to be four years old. The hamster is a loveable addition to any household and their size doesn’t limit them in any way

Ferrets – this little domesticated pet is very sociable, affectionate and intelligent. They love to play and are able to learn a few fun tricks. Their care is similar to the care of a dog

Small Pets: Fun Tricks and Fun Times
You can enjoy hours of fun times with your smaller pet. Smaller pets can learn many fun tricks:

Guinea pig tricks: you can teach your guinea pig to shake your hand with their little paw when given a cue. Would you believe that some will even stand on their two back legs and beg for a treat? If you have an affectionate guinea pig, you may be able to teach him or her to give kisses or hugs when asked. Some guinea pig parents have even taught their little one to use a litter box. This little pet can be taught to come to you when you call their name. Treats will work well as rewards to motivate them to learn some fun tricks. A guinea pig can be taught many fun tricks and will give a home hours of fun times

Hamster tricks: start out slowly with your little hamster and let them learn one fun trick at a time and then continue to another. Stock up on some treats and reinforce their efforts. You might be able to get them to do a jig across the floor on two legs. Turn on the radio and find out if your hamster can dance. They can be taught to jump too. It is always fun to watch a hamster run through the house in an enclosed plastic ball. The places they will go are going to dazzle you

Ferret tricks: this intelligent pet can be taught some fun tricks if you have a few treats on hand. You can teach him or her to take a bow, dance and even to fetch. They are smart and can learn many new fun tricks 

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