Top Selling Cat Toys For 2020
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Top Selling Cat Toys For 2020

Top Selling Cat Toys For 2020


It is that time of year when holiday shopping goes into full swing. Everyone is hustling and bustling, trying to find the perfect gift for family and friends. The Covid-19 pandemic may make shopping harder and gift exchanges more challenging, but thoughts of laughter and cheer over the holiday season warm our hearts, nonetheless.

Over the past few months, we have not seen or spent much time with family and friends this year. However, we will choose gifts wisely based on personality, character, and need. Of course, as we shop for the perfect gifts for family and friends, we cannot overlook our pets. And those with cats know that personality, character, and need are pointers when shopping for our cats’ gifts.

Cat personalities vary as much as adults. There are introvert and extrovert, Playful and standoffish, skittish, and risky. Went shopping for toys for your cat; keep in mind things like, do you want to play with your cat with this toy, does it make a sound, make your cat-like sounds, how durable is the toy, how much stimulation will your cat get from the toy, and how safe certain cat toys are for your cat.

Below are a few of 2020s top toys for your feline friends. They have all top-selling and have received great reviews. They are listed in no particular order.

1. Tower of Tracks Cat Toy
This cat toy will give your cat hours of pleasure. It is four layers of balls that are non-toxic for your cat to strengthen his swat. Built on a rubber skid to keep the tower planted on the floor, it will not move if your cat plays aggressively.

2. Multi Feather Cat Toy with Interactive Wand
If you enjoy playing with your cat or teasing your cat, this multi feather cat toy with a wand will be loads of fun. Durable and colorful, this toy comes with extra feathers for the cat who cannot keep his paws off the feathers. It is a teaser and exerciser and gives cats something soft and furry to grab at besides their own tails.

3. Cat Dancer Cat Charmer
The Cat Dancer Cat Charmer is another interactive cat toy that will charm your cat and to delight. It is four feet of fabric attached to a stick for you to play with and tease your cat for hours. This charmer is designed to charm and not harm your cat. It is great for children also because of the long colorful string.

4. Ethical Pet Laser Exerciser
This toy is fun for all pets but especially hunter type cat. Shine the laser and watch your cat scamper looking for the source of the light. This laser exerciser is a two-in-one because it is also a flashlight.

5. Trixie 5 in 1 Activity Center
Five activities in one for your cat and what makes this activity center a must-have for cat owners. This cat toy is stimulating for cats and will sharpen your pet’s focus and curiosity by forcing your cat to use their five senses.

6. YouThink Cat Scratcher
This cat toy is made from high-density cardboard and is the perfect scratcher for a cat. Not necessarily a toy per se but will give your cat hours of pleasure having fun scratching.

Shopping for your feline friend this holiday season may be more rewarding than shopping for family and friends. Use the list above to find your cat the perfect top-selling cat toys this holiday season. 

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