Top 7 Dog Crates To Buy This Year
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Top 7 Dog Crates To Buy This Year

Top 7 Dog Crates To Buy This Year


When most people are looking to purchase something they aren’t familiar with, they often seek out advice. New dog owners may not need help choosing a breed, but they may need assistance in buying a dog crate. Many veterinarians and animal behavior experts agree that an effective dog crate should allow enough room for the pet to move around. All dog crates in this list are made of wire, come in a variety of sizes – most from 18 inches to as large as 54 inches in length. They varied on one-door or two-door access and many were collapsible for easy storage and portability. According to the customer reviews, the best from each retail site offered ease of assembly, durability and were a great value.

Looking at some of the largest retailers of pet supplies, this blog used customer ratings to determine some of the best dog crates on the market. Each store’s highest rated dog crate is listed. Although Target, Home Depot and Sears all sell dog crates, they had few too customer reviews to help determine the best dog crates. They may sell some of the brands mentioned, so feel free to shop around for a better price, lower shipping cost or the convenience of picking it up in the store or curbside.

PetSmart: Grreat Choice Wire Dog Crate

According to, this dog crate rated an average of 3.9 on a five-point scale. While it’s the lowest in this article, it had the most positive reviews for this retailer. Out of the 303 product reviews, 57% gave Grreat Choice Wire Dog Crate five stars.

Walmart: Vibrant Life Folding Dog Crate

Of the 1665 customers who reviewed this dog crate on, 77% gave it five stars. That averaged 4.5. One satisfied customer said it “serves its purpose.” They added that their three chihuahuas “find it very roomy and [it] makes them feel safe.”

Wayfair: Traci Pet Crate by Archie & Oscar

One might not think of this home décor retailer when seeking pet supplies, but Wayfair has a large selection of dog crates. This one averaged 4.7 with 80% of the 1426 reviewers giving it five stars.

Petco: Petco Premium Dog Crate

The highest-rated dog crate on also average 4.7. But 81% of the 1220 reviewers gave the Petco brand dog crate a five-star rating.

Amazon: Midwest iCrate

Widely considered the world’s largest retailer, Amazon’s 4684 reviews of the Midwest iCrate are said to be global, according to the site. The average rating was 4.8 with 86% of customers giving it five stars.

Chewy: Frisco Fold & Carry Wire Dog Crate

Perhaps the largest online-only retailer catering strictly to pets, also had a large number of reviewers for its top-rated dog crate. With 90% of the 4526 customers who wrote about the Frisco dog crate giving it five stars, it averaged a rating of 4.8. Lucky Dog Pet Crate

Similar to Wayfair, might not be the first company that comes to mind when one is looking to purchase a dog crate. It also has a wide variety of options and great customer satisfaction with the Lucky Dog brand crate. It had the fewest number of reviews, however. Just 25 left comments, but 23 of those it five stars making the average rating 4.9.

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