Tips On Choosing The Perfect Bird Cage
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Tips On Choosing The Perfect Bird Cage

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Bird Cage

A chirping pet bird early in the morning would sound nice. Perhaps you prefer a talking parrot to keep you company. No matter what your preferred bird is, you need to find a nice home for it. You will need to find a cage that keeps the bird safe while giving it enough room to play and exercise. Here are a few tips that will help you find the best cage for your pet.

The size of the bird determines the size of its cage
Birds are used to flying in the open and they need to feel at home in your house. Get your pet a cage that is big enough for them to flap their wings, walk and fly around. Also consider getting bigger cages for birds with long feathers to avoid damaging them. Remember to also consider the space that will be occupied by other things to be placed in the cage. These include food bowls, toys and perches. There should be enough space for all these plus the bird.

Where will the cage be placed?
This will determine the kind of cage that you will buy. Opt for a location that is away from windows and air conditioners. The area should not be isolated. Remember that the pet needs to socialize with the family members from time to time. For safety, choose a spot that is not accessible by small children and other pets. You do not want your dog to have the bird as a snack, do you?

Look at the distance between bars
Small birds will be fine in cages with vertical bars. Just ensure that these bars are not too wide and not too narrow. They should be wide enough to allow beaks and feet to move freely without being stuck while being narrow such that the bird’s head cannot fit. For those with larger birds, horizontal bars are a good choice. These give the bird a chance to climb as desired so as to exercise and stay active.

Match style with functionality
Bird cages come in various styles and designs. A beautiful bird cage will improve the aesthetic appeal of any space but never choose style over functionality. Luckily, you can get both. Find a nice-looking cage that works well for your bird. You may opt for cages that are hung or those that are placed on surfaces. Either way, ensure that the cage is safe for your bird. Curved roofs are good for birds that love to fly. Think of your bird when buying the cage and get something it will love.

Sturdy and safe material
A good bird cage is made of a material that is strong so it lasts a long time and one that is safe for the pet. Stainless steel cages are a great choice because they possess both features. They are also easy to clean and do not chip easily. Also look at the workmanship of the cage before you take it home. Ensure that it does not have any dents or loose parts.

Finally, make the cage a home for your beloved pet. Just like your house needs furniture, a bird’s cage needs some things as well. Get wooden perches, toys and other accessories. Do not forget the essentials like food bowls and water plates.

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