Reasons You Should Consider Buying An Automatic Cat Feeder
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Reasons You Should Consider Buying An Automatic Cat Feeder

Reasons You Should Consider Buying An Automatic Cat Feeder


As we look at a few of the best automatic pet feeders there are some factors we must keep in focus. These should include size, features, and ease of use. The size of your pet feeder should fit your space and serve your pet or pets’ needs. You will need a smaller feeder if you have limited space. A larger feeder will be better if you have many pets and more space.

In considering features, you can choose from basic automatic pet feeders that feed your pet. or one with more complex features. Some feeders will let you schedule several feeds. Others can play your pet a recorded message. You should also the ease of using your automatic pet feeder. Some feeders are easier to use. You only fill in the food. You also need to consider the ease with which you can clean a feeder. Listed below are some of the best automatic pet feeders on the market today.

1. WOPET Automatic pet feeders
This automatic feeder holds three pounds of dry food you can set to feed your cat four meals. It also allows you to program feeds of different amounts. You can also leave your cat a voice recorded message to call the bowl at feed time. This futuristic-looking feeder is white and made of green materials. It is easy to assemble and program. It prevents cats from breaking into it and overeating.

2. PetSafe Eatwell 5-meal automatic pet feeders
This automatic pet feeder is battery-operated and suitable for any room. It is tamper-proof and is sturdy with a small footprint. It holds five feeds with one tray always open. Each tray holds one cup of dry feed. You can set this feeder, so a new food tray opens at your pet’s mealtime. The rotation sound can be your cats’ feed time bell. So, your cat can learn to respond to that sound for mealtime.

3. SureFlap Microchip pet feeders
These automatic pet feeders are good for many pets on different diets. Program it to open only when a specific cat’s RFID collar tag or microchip is before it. The feeder has one RFID collar tag, but you can program it for up to 32 pets. You can order a bowl for each cat, or for cats using the same feed. This feeder can keep other pets, like your dog, from the food. Your pet will have to learn and get used to it. After training your cats this feeder works well. For pets having different feeds and feeding habits.

4. Cat Mate C500 Digital 5 meal dog and cat feeder
If you have to give your pets wet food the Cat Mate C500 is useful. It allows you to schedule five meals. With this feeder, you can keep food chilled with small packs of ice. These come with the feeder. This feeder turns to reveal individual food bowls. This feeder’s lid prevents your pets from accessing their food only when they should. 

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