The Easiest Places To Buy Pet Meds Online
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The Easiest Places To Buy Pet Meds Online

The Easiest Places To Buy Pet Meds Online


Essential pet medications are very crucial and can be bought through different ways, depending on the prescription being used. They can either be bought either from pharmacies or you could get them from the specific veterinarian who attends to your pets. However, with technology, things have now been made much easier, as you can now get pet medication bought online. This has made things more convenient, since you can buy them and have them delivered from the comfort of your home. There are quite a number of online sites that can now allow you to upload your prescription copy online and have your online meds delivered conveniently. Some of the best online sites where you can get medication for your pet are discussed below.

1. 1-800-PetMeds
This online shop for pet medication is one of the best with very good reputation. You are also assured of having one hundred percent guarantee of your pet medication. In the even that the medicine does not work, or your pet does not quite like it; then you will be given full refund.

  • They have a wide variety of online meds to choose from, with prescriptions for cats, horses and dogs mostly.
  • It comes with different categories of options, with medications for diabetes, pain and so much more.
  • It helps you greatly to save, since the site has an automated system that enables you to do a comparison of the name brand with the version of generic meds you might be looking for.
  • For any orders above $49, you are guaranteed of getting free shipping, with most of the products coming with a price match.
  • 1-800-PetMeds will need of you to give information on your vet’s contact, as well as a prescription that is active, when your order is received.

2. Chewy
This online pet medication store has a range of foods for pet as well as medicine for different animals including cats, dogs, horses, reptiles, and even birds. A great incentive about Chewy is the fact that when you make your first order, you will be given a discount of 30%. Additionally, for orders above $49, you get your products shipped for free.

  • The medication found in this online store is meant for treating conditions related to thyroid, allergies and arthritis.
  • Apart from making your selections based on brand, chewy also offers the option of the form in which you want the online meds in. You can therefore choose to have them either as a soft chewable tablet, normal capsule that is standard or in a suspension liquid form.
  • You are also able to search based on the condition your pet is suffering from, which makes it a lot easier, than trying to get a hold of the name to a specific medicine.
  • Chewy will enable you to have some money saved, since it gives some options for generic medication.

3. Vet Rx Direct
This online store offers medicine that is prescribed for cat and dog pet owners. Giving them treatment for tick, fleas and heartworms.

  • You are able to easily see the options available for each sub-category of medicine because it has a layout that is very user-friendly.
  • It also comes with a Q&A section where you can get some answers to some frequently asked prescription questions.
  • This online store also offers discounts and free shipping for orders above $49. Once an order has been placed, this site will send your vet officer a prescription form, in case it is necessary.

4. Petco
This is a very trusted brand for owners of pets who are looking to order prescribed pet medication online. The pet medication from this site are affordable, plus they give discounts for purchases made above a specific target.

  • It has a tab that makes it easy for you to give a specification of the type of animal you are buying the online meds for.
  • Thereafter, you can now specify the exact medicine category you are looking for. This include ear and eye care together with anxiety and allergy relief.
  • You are also able to choose the range of price and medicine brand respectively.

5. Pet Care Rx
This is an online pharmacy with amazing online meds prescriptions for cats and dogs.

  • It come with a button that makes it easy for you to separate the medicine you need from different categories.
  • It offers both generics and name brand pet medication available and provides prices on wholesale for those in the membership program for $65 annually.
  • The store ensures that your vet is contacted for prescription confirmation, once you have made your purchase.
  • It has an incentive of free shipping for orders above $48.

6. Walmart Pet Rx
This brand of online meds for pet is very affordable and highly convenient for pet owners with cats, dogs and horses. For all medications purchased, a confirmation of prescription to your vet has to be made by the Walmart Pet RX team.

  • It comes with an option for easy filtering by category, condition and brand.
  • You are also able to give a specification of the exact form you want the pet medication in, be it injectable, capsule or even liquid.
  • The online pharmacy also gives an option for specifying whether or not your pet is on some diet at the time of administration of the medicine.
  • This store offers both name-brands and generic medicine, depending on your budget; and has an option for reordering rapidly.
  • It has a great offer of two-day free shipping for orders above $35 with a 5% discount from the normal price.
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