The Best Treatments To Remove Fleas From Your Home 
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The Best Treatments To Remove Fleas From Your Home 

The Best Treatments To Remove Fleas From Your Home 


Fleas are parasites that cause great irritation to pets and humans alike. In one way or another, the flea eggs might have been dropped in your home, thus causing a flea infection after they develop from larvae. They can cause itchiness and restlessness in their hosts. However, here are eight home flea treatments to help manage and eradicate fleas from your home.

Make a Flea Trap
This flea trap involves dishwasher liquid. The liquid is soapy and hence sticky. The trap involves pouring the liquid into a plate and placing the plate in a central position in your home. Next to the container containing the liquid, place a light source. Fleas get easily attracted to light. Hence they will move towards the light and get trapped in the soapy liquid, and eventually, die.

Use Salt
Salt is a common ingredient and can be easily used to help with a flea infestation. Salt is especially helpful when you have a flea infestation in your carpets. Sprinkle finely ground salt on the affected area and leave it for several hours. Salt kills fleas by dehydrating them. This is a cheap and easy remedy to get rid of fleas.

Rosemary Remedy
This is a remedy that can be used in areas of your home where there is no serious flea infestation. The remedy can be used on specific pets as well. The rosemary remedy is made using lemon slices and geranium oil. After making this remedy, use a spray to apply to your furniture or infested areas. It is a flexible, home flea treatment remedy.

This is a powder that kills fleas. Apply carefully on your carpet and leave it for several hours, usually 24hours. The powder is advantageous in that as it kills the fleas, it doesn’t produce any bad odors. In addition, the powder kills fleas through all its stages of life.

Herbal Flea Spray
This is a home remedy made from easily sourceable materials. This herbal spray is quite effective when it comes to home flea treatment. The ingredients required to make this herbal spray include lemon juice, water, vinegar, and witch hazel. The remedy is applied through a sprayer.

Boric Acid
This is an effective home flea treatment remedy. It is important that you follow instructions given for the use of boric acid to the later given that it is also an acid. The acid acts as a dehydrating agent. It, therefore, kills fleas by dehydrating them. Leave the acid to work for several hours, after which you can regularly vacuum. After quite a while, you should wash the areas treated with boric acid.

This powder is worth every penny. Just a few amounts of it can be able to treat several rooms in your house. The Fleabusters are very effective and can kill other pests and parasites too.

Victor Ultimate Flea Trap
This is an effective home flea treatment trap that attracts the fleas with light and warmth. According to numerous reviews, this trap is very effective and does the job to perfection. The fleas get trapped on a glue disc from which they cannot escape. 

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