Top Fence Picks To Keep Your Dog Safe
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Top Fence Picks To Keep Your Dog Safe

Top Fence Picks To Keep Your Dog Safe


Top Pick: Extreme Dog Fence – Standard Grade (Essential) Kit
This is the top pick for a backyard fence because it can cover up to six acres of land, making it perfect for people who have a lot of space. The collar that comes with the fence is completely waterproof, unlike others.

Wireless: PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with Extra Battery Pack
This is a circular fence that can cover up to half an acre with a diameter of one hundred eighty feet. The thing that makes this fence stand out is that it is portable, making it great for traveling families.

Electric: PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence for Dogs & Cats
This is a large electric fence that allows plenty of room for playing around. It can be used for three-fourths of an acre in a circular format that allows for dogs to run and play freely without leaving the yard at all.

Invisible: PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence
With a large amount of wiring that this fence includes, it can cover a yard that is a third of an acre. There are four different levels to this fence that makes it easier to adjust to fit the dog.

Indoor and Outdoor: IRIS 34” Pen Playpen 2 Panel Add-On
This is a playpen that can be used both inside and outside, making it a great choice as long as the dog is small. The total height of this playpen is only thirty four point three inches, meaning only small dogs.

Outdoor Barrier: PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range, Outdoor
This is a unique backyard fence that actually keeps dogs out of certain areas, such as a flower bed. This is achieved by giving them a small shock, and it is made to blend into the surrounding rocks in the wanted area.

Indoor Barrier: PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range, Indoor
This is the perfect thing for people who do not like their dog going to certain parts of the house, such as the kitchen. This barrier makes it where they get a small shock trying to go into that area.

Gate: Carlson Pet Products Lil’ Tuffy Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door
This is strictly an indoor fence that fits between openings that range between twenty two inches and thirty-eight. It comes with a small pet door that is nine inches by nine inches for easily letting the dog into the other room.

Mesh Fence: Tenax 2A140073 Pet Fence Select Pet Fence
This is a very pet friendly fence that is not only great at keeping the dogs in, but it helps to keep other animals out. The fencing was made completely in the United States and has very small mesh openings. 

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