The Best National Parks To See Wildlife
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The Best National Parks To See Wildlife

The Best National Parks To See Wildlife


National Parks within the United States provide outdoor enthusiasts plenty of activities throughout the year. If you love to sight see and view wildlife, Rocky Mountain National Park and Yosemite are your best bets. Below we detail more about these incredible destinations.

 Rocky Mountain National Park located throughout Colorado provides mystical views throughout the park. The national park is located on 415 square miles of protected land, with lots of scenic trails, lakes and landscapes there is much to do throughout the park. Emerald Lake, a popular tourist spot is located within Rocky Mountain National Park and the lake is nestled in between rocky cliffs. Access to Emerald Lake is obtained by a 3.3 mile hiking trail and is rated at a moderate level and don’t forget to bring your camera as you will be surrounded by the lustrous emerald green water and glorious rocks. 

Rocky Mountain National Park has many animal species within the park from Bighorn Sheep rams, deer, black deer, beaver, elk, moose mountain lions and more. The park also has over 270 species of birds such as the woodpecker, White-tailed Ptarmigan, grouse the nutcracker and many more. Rocky Mountain National Park also has various species of fish, amphibians, butterflies, insects and threatened and endangered species such as the Bald Eagle. This wonderful national park has several areas within its borders with many possibilities for wildlife viewing. If you are looking to see wildlife, the best spots are Moraine park and Horseshoe Park, Kawuneeche Valley to see some moose, look in open meadows to see deer, elk and other smaller mammals.

Yosemite National Park is another popular national park that is visited by over 5 million people yearly. The park is located in California and its lands have been protected since 1864. Yosemite has over 1,200 square miles for outdoor enthusiast. There is fun for all ages with activities includingfishing, swimming, seeing waterfalls, boating, hiking, rock climbing and camping. Sentinel Dome can be accessed via car or hiking with the trail being only 2.2 miles. Once you reach the peak of Sentinel Dome, you will be surrounded by a granite dome and see spectacular views for miles. 

Yosemite National Park has over 400 species of animals with mammals such as black bear, red fox mountain lions, fisher cats and many more can be observed throughout the park. Snakes such as the Northern Pacific rattlesnake can be seen in Yosemite, it is important to be cautious when walking the trails specifically near rocks, ledges, holes and dry spaces. Many birds, amphibians, fish and insects can be viewed in Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is known for its brook trout and is often found in valley streams, bring your fishing pole for some fishing fun. Yosemite National Park has a lots of wildlife opportunities with a couple of areas known for higher animal activity than others. If you are looking to see wildlife, search in high meadows such as Tuolumne or Mariposa Grove, they have high meadows and you are likely to see many animals there. Checking the local ranger station will allow the latest information on seeing wildlife. 

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